Transfer Transition

The transition from the blue and gold of Eastern Wayne High School in New Hope, N.C. to the purple and gold in Greenville, first took a detour to Wayne Community College for Brittany Lasalle, a current senior in ECU’s School of Communication. As an ECU transfer student, Brittany appreciates being close to home at such a high-quality university at a lower cost than triangle schools.

By transferring 40 credit hours of general education credits, Brittany was able to save money at the community college while gaining maturity and career direction. “I took all my prerequisite classes at Wayne and now I’m able to focus on what I want to learn at ECU,” says Brittany. An instructor at Wayne Community College suggested she look at communications instead of teaching because of her interest in public relations.

Brittany Lasalle, senior in Communication outside Joyner East

Brittany Lasalle is a senior in the School of Communication with a concentration in public relations.

“The transition to such a large campus was a challenge, but everyone is so friendly. I know I can talk to my professors about anything,” says Brittany. By joining the French Club and Campus Christian Fellowship she has found a real connection to international students from Saudi Arabia, Germany and Australia. “I’ve made friends for life. I have a real appreciation of other cultures through my club activities.”

“I love ECU, and being a part of this welcoming community,” declares Brittany. As a senior, she is considering graduate school or a gap year after working as a temp for the university. International public relations is Brittany’s dream and ECU is making it happen.