Visiting & Auditing Students

Visiting Students

Students attending another regionally accredited college or university may desire to attend East Carolina University for a limited period of time and then return to their original institutions. Such applicants must complete a visitor’s application and have the dean or other appropriate official at the parent institution verify that the applicant is in good academic standing and eligible to take specific ECU courses. Please note: Visiting students must reapply each semester.

All Visiting Students (including schools outside the UNC system) are allowed to enroll in classes for both online and face-to-face courses. Due to limited resources and increased demand for certain summer courses, acceptance to East Carolina University for summer enrollment does not guarantee the availability of specific classes. Anyone can access the list of course offerings (without an ECU login).

Credit earned as a visiting student cannot be used to qualify for admission to ECU as a full-time student.

Deadlines: Visiting & Auditing Student Applications for Admission

SemesterComplete Application By:
Summer 2024April 29, 2024
Fall 2024July 15, 2024

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Visiting Student Requirements

All visiting students must:

  • Submit an online application.
  • Pay the $75 nonrefundable application fee.
  • Request your official transcript to be sent from your current institution.
  • Submit the course permission form (Admissions will send after you apply).

Auditing Students

Auditing a course consists of attendance at classes and listening but taking no part in the class. An auditor is not responsible for any assignments, nor is allowed to take any tests or examinations. However, to have the audited course recorded on the official transcript, a student must attend classes regularly. An auditor may not enroll in a participation course (art classes, laboratories, etc.). Under no circumstances will a grade be assigned, evaluations be made, or performance reports be issued on a student auditing a course. Auditing a course or part of a course is contingent upon the approval of the instructor and the appropriate departmental chairperson or school/college dean.

Students regularly enrolled in the university wishing to audit course(s) must initiate the approval process with their advisor. A student may audit no more than two courses in any semester.

Auditing Student Application Process

  • Complete this form to begin the audit application process.
  • After submitting the form, create an account and log in to our undergraduate admissions portal.
    • A started application will be waiting for you.
    • Complete the remainder of the application and pay the application fee.
      • Exception: Applicants who are 65 or over and live in NC will automatically receive a full application fee waiver. The fee waiver is NOT based on the normal residency determination system.
  • After being admitted, audit-only students should contact the Registrar’s Office to discuss course registration.
    • Students will only be registered for a course on the last day of drop/add AND only if there is space available in the course.
  • In addition to the waived application fee, senior NC auditors (65+) do not have to pay audit tuition. However, they can only register for lecture-based courses.  Auditing is not permitted in courses that require laboratories, studios, or performances, or in online distance education courses, independent studies courses, internships, special topics, or other special courses. More info about the senior audit policy can be found here.
  • Students should contact the Cashier’s Office if they have questions about tuition for auditing courses.