Transfer Tales: From Transfer Student to Academic Advisor

Experience as a transfer student laid a foundation for Jason Denius’ advocacy for transfer student college and career success. Since graduating from East Carolina University, Jason has served as an academic advisor for ECU’s Bachelor of Science in Industrial Science transfer program. Currently, he supports students pursuing six of BSIT’s degree paths: Architectural Technology, Bioprocess Manufacturing, Distribution and Logistics, Industrial Engineering Technology, Industrial Management, and Mechanical Design.  

Jason described his experience of transferring from Jacksonville’s Coastal Carolina Community College as smooth. He soon found a sense of community and belonging at ECU. “I found a lot of students like me, transfers from other North Carolina community colleges,” Jason recalled. “On campus, I met students from all walks of life. I felt at home and comfortable.”  

A common myth transfer students may encounter is an absence of opportunities for on-campus engagement. To counter that myth, Jason recalled being part of the service-social co-educational fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, and the Student Journalism Club. 

Opportunities for campus employment also opened up, through his degree path as a Communication major. “Linda Kean, who’s now the Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communication, was one of my professors,” he recalled. “She provided a reference for me to the school newspaper, and I became part of The East Carolinian’s team.”  

The sense of community and belonging remained throughout his years as a student, made possible through many support systems. “I was always welcomed,” Jason related. “By Admissions, other students in Alpha Phi Omega, the campus newspaper.”  

A part of the campus community, Jason experienced success as a student, through the ample support of faculty. “Professors cared about our success,” he shared. “They were concerned about how we were doing, emotionally and financially.” He recalled his professors’ generosity with sharing their office space and being accommodating in meeting with their students.  

Support received from faculty laid a foundation for the care and commitment Jason exhibits in service to students. Like his professors, Jason sees unique qualities transfer students often possess. To him, transfers bring to ECU unique perspectives and stories. As an academic counselor, he’s worked with transfers from a variety of backgrounds—recent high school graduates, adult learners managing multiple commitments to school, work, family, and active military. With maturity and focus, transfers are typically academic and career minded.  

Academic advisors like Jason Denius demonstrate that ECU values you, wherever you are in life and as a transfer student. Consider how East Carolina University can help you find your degree path, finish your degree journey, fulfill your career dreams. Consider also how you can find your place at ECU and be an asset to Pirate Nation. 

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