Melissa Caceres Finds Opportunity as a Transfer Student

ECU transfer student Melissa Caceres loves to stay busy. She is taking a full load of business courses at ECU while serving her sorority and working jobs she loves at Madewell in Raleigh and as a Pirate Navigator here on campus. She is an executive board member for her Kappa Delta ECU chapter and finds purpose in bringing diversity issues to the Panhellenic committee. Here she has found leadership development and personal growth.

Melissa says, “When I found ECU I found my comfortable ‘home away from home.’ I toured ECU with my parents, and I fell in love with this place. ECU welcomes you with open arms, so I didn’t feel isolated as a transfer student. This transition to university was one of the best experiences ever.”Transfer student Melissa Caceres poses for a photo in Greenville

Melissa found working with the transfer counselors easy and they were able to help her get the correct paperwork and assure her that everything would be a smooth transition. “I was super excited. It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.”

At Wake Tech Community College, Melissa was concentrating on health care with goals of a nursing degree. After transferring to ECU she discovered success in the College of Business in marketing. She expects a 4.0 this semester and has been impressed with the opportunities offered in the Career Center and with the peer mentor program.

This high achiever will be graduating in December with a BS in Marketing and a certificate in professional selling. She hopes this will propel her into an MBA program either this spring with her graduate school credits earned last summer or following a business venture with another ECU Kappa Delta graduate.

“Even with Covid, I’ve been able to stay connected by meeting every Thursday and Sunday with my friends,” reflects Melissa. “My teachers are awesome. They are super helpful with great real-life examples and detailed lectures.”

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