How to Make the Most of Your Summer Before ECU Fall 2023!

We are counting down the days until FDOC this August! But we can’t exactly speed up the calendar…so, whether you’re stuck inside with a bad sunburn or scouring the internet for all the college life-hacks, here are some tips and tricks from a student who has done it all – for you, a future ECU Pirate, to prepare yourself for your semester at East Carolina University!

1. Research (and register for!) your courses

At this point in the summer, incoming students are already able to register for their fall 2023 classes! Explore your registration portal, and even if you have not attended your orientation session yet, you can register for classes beforehand and confirm them when you meet with your advisor at orientation. This is a great way to plan ahead, as classes fill up fast. There are so many resources through PiratePort for students to explore classes, when and where they meet, who their professors will be, and so much more. Once you have your classes, you might even be able to reach out to some fellow pirates and discover if you have similar schedules, which leads us to our next point –>

2. Get to know your fellow Pirates

Social Media offers incoming students so many opportunities to find and meet fellow #piratenationbound friends! Follow @ecuadmissions for occasional story reposts from incoming students as well as other general admissions news. There are numerous Facebook groups as well for students to get to know each other. Many students post about their major, dorm and room assignment, interests, etc. This is a good way to reach out to people who pique your interest, or even people in your town whom you can meet prior to coming to campus!

Social media accounts also exist for numerous departments on campus, and a great opportunity for you to follow along and look back on the happenings of your intended major and department. Arriving on campus with knowledge and information about your major is a great way to be prepared – and you also will likely be able to recognize quite a few faces on campus. For those who want to go above and beyond, you can also reach out to professors of your courses or within your department to express your excitement about meeting them in the fall. Doing this also allows you to ask any questions you may have about your course as well. This is a great way to build connections before you even arrive in Pirate Nation.

3. Stock up on all your Pirate merchandise goodies

We hope you are enjoying your goodies that were sent to you when you submitted your deposit! Be sure to check out all that Dowdy Student Store has to offer when you come visit as well! You can find a plethora of game day attire, hats, stickers, accessories – the options are endless. Dowdy also has a downstairs area where you will pick up your textbooks at the beginning of the school year (don’t forget to order those!) as well as tons of other school supplies –>

4. Shop for all your school supplies and dorm needs

While Dowdy can be your one stop shop for your books, pens, notebooks, scantrons, calculators, lab coats, rulers, etc., plan ahead by purchasing your dorm necessities before your move-in. Come move-in week, the Target and Walmart in Greenville are a madhouse, not to mention usually out of the things you need most. Buy early so you can keep track of what you still need and you can prevent panic purchases. Some commonly forgotten items that are perfect for move-in day or just dorm living in general include: commands strips and hooks (lots of them!), a large toiletry tote, a doorstop, a key hanger for beside the door, curtains for your closet-area, and mini bedside fans.

We are SO thrilled to see you this August, and are so excited to grow Pirate Nation even more. #RollPirates!!