Tips for Finals

Hello Pirate Nation! Finals season has begun here at East Carolina University. As we near the end of fall semester, many students are beginning to feel stressed. Every student wants to do well on their finals, but not everyone knows what to do or how to study for them. If you have been studying for finals but still don’t feel like you are doing your best, here are some tips on how to study.

1. Start Early

Make sure you know your final exam schedule! If you start studying for finals in the weeks leading up to the exam, you will avoid cramming the night before an exam. You will perform better on your finals just by starting to study early.

2. Take Breaks

Balance is key. The most important thing to remember about studying for finals is balance. Remember that it is exam time, but there are still social events to attend and good times to have before your final exams. Take time out to turn off your phone and get some rest. A break from studying every once in a while, even for just a few minutes, is more valuable to your overall performance than cramming for the entire day.

3. Ask Questions

Finals are important! It will be challenging and you will need to prepare yourself well before exam time. Do not forget to ask your teacher and TA’s for help! Ask them questions about the material that you do not fully understand or recall and any questions you may have about the exam so that you are well prepared for test time.

4. Attend the Review Session

Review sessions are a great way to review the information and strategies your studying has provided you with. Don’t miss out on these vital sessions that offer new insights on how to better prepare, get the most out of your studies, and improve your final results.

5. Prioritize your Study Time

Some exams may be more difficult, some may be worth more of your grade than others, some exams may even be easier to study for. Make sure to evaluate all of the final exams you have to take and consider and determine all factors so you can prioritize your time accordingly.

6. Teach Classmates

Learning by teaching is a great method to re-learn your material. If you work with a study buddy and explain concepts to one another, you’re re-learning the material all over again.

7. Make it Fun

It is easier to focus on studying for finals if you modify your exam studying techniques. Consider creating acronyms, testing yourself on concepts, and rewarding yourself after a long study session.

Good luck, and remember, winter break is just around the corner!