Campus Living 101

Once you’ve decided that ECU is the school for you, it’s time to submit your enrollment deposit and apply for housing! Housing assignments are made in the order that contracts are received, so for the best chance of getting your top preference it is important to get your contract in early. We’ve come up with a list of helpful tips to guide you through the process and answer some frequently asked questions. To begin let’s go through the three different neighborhoods on campus…

West End 

West End is the neighborhood that is home to Greene Hall, White Hall, Clement Hall, Fletcher Hall and Garrett Hall. Among the residence halls there is West End Dining Hall. West End is a great place to live if you want to be close to the Student Center and Campus Recreation Center. West End is also a short walk from Uptown Greenville where many places to eat, boutiques and small shops can be found. Please note that Greene Hall will be closed for renovation during the 2018-2019 academic year.

Diagram of a room in Fletcher Hall

Central Campus 

Central Campus is the neighborhood that is home to Jarvis Hall, Cotton Hall, Fleming Hall and Umstead Hall. Jarvis Hall is the home to the Jarvis Leadership living and learning community that freshman may apply to join. Students living in Central Campus enjoy a short walk to academic buildings and Joyner Library.

Diagram of a room in Jarvis Hall

College Hill

College Hill is the home to Jones Hall, Legacy Hall, Scott Hall, Gateway Hall, Tyler Hall and College Hill Suites. Among the residence halls is also Todd Dining Hall. College Hill has both suite style living and hall style. Gateway is the home to many of ECU’s Living and Learning Communities as well as the Honors College. College Hill is located close to all of the athletic facilities. During the week it is also a short walk from classes. College Hill has a food court, convenience store and a fitness facility. To learn more about the Living and Learning communities go to

Diagram of a room in Scott Hall


Once you’ve chosen a neighborhood, it’s time to find a roommate! There are multiple options for how to find a roommate…

If you don’t know anyone coming to ECU already that you’re interested in living with, the ECU Class of 2022 Official Facebook group is a great place to meet people. Here future students post about themselves to meet new people and search for potential roommates. When choosing a roommate it’s important to consider factors such as sleep schedules, cleanliness, hobbies and personalities! To join the group go to

ECU also has a matching system for those who choose to be assigned a roommate. Housing and roommate assignments are released in July to provide an ample amount of time for planning.

Campus Living FAQ’s 

  • What does each room include? Two beds, two sets of drawers, two closets or wardrobes, two desks, two night stands with drawers, a microwave, a mini fridge and freezer.
  • Are the rooms air conditioned? Yes, each room has an air conditioning unit.
  • How do you access your residence hall? Each student is given a fob to allow them access to their building and a key to access their room.
  • Is laundry included? Yes, there are communal laundry rooms that do not cost money to use.
  • What kind of dining options are available? Students living on campus have many available options to eat, here is a link to the full list
  • Can freshman bring cars? Yes, parking passes become available in July.
  • Can you adjust the height of the beds? Yes, you can adjust the height of the beds, there is also an option to loft the beds, bunk the beds or use bed risers.
  • When will I received my housing assignment? Assignments are released in July.


For additional information on Campus Living visit